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About Us

We are the only group of its kind in the world dedicated to the managed health care of seniors, retirees and pensioners from developed nations travelling or living abroad in more than 150 nations: SENIORS ABROAD.

We were founded by healthcare luminaries who have provided hands-on clinical, planning, development, financial and management services to the healthcare community over many years.

Associates from around the world have assisted in the development of the first internationally linked healthcare network able to handle all healthcare issues on a managed care basis. Their objective was to assemble in their respective communities and nations a high quality network of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, a broad gamut of health professionals, hospitals, long term care facilities, assisted living centers, and home health services to offer our patients.

Our patients' beloved pets are served through our network of veterinarians.

Modern sophisticated cost-effective housing abroad is under development.

Members of our international network of doctors and hospitals must pass a rigorous credentialing process to assure the best and highest quality of care available. They must all be certified.

Each and every member of our team - from the doctors to the support and clinical staff - are dedicated to excellence and quality of care for each and every patient.

Care Everywhere. Our aim is to provide comprehensive services globally and seamlessly to our seniors, individuals aged 65 and older, who live abroad part of the time or continually. We seek contracts with public and private health plans who serve this senior group and offer them our network of healthcare providers. There are over 50 million U.S. Medicare beneficiaries and about another 50 million seniors of other developed nations. As the baby-boomers age, this number will grow significantly. It is difficult to obtain precise figures as to the number living abroad. There may be several million. Estimates range between 5 million and 10 million U.S. citizens who reside abroad. They are often not required to register with their embassies and each nation has its own requirements for the registration of foreign nationals. There are many dual-nationals who have lived in the U.S. long enough to qualify for Medicare and have returned to their home countries to live part or full-time. The cost of living differential, coupled with social, familial and cultural factors, is a motivator behind the out migration from the U.S. and other developed nations. As globalization increases, it is expected that this trend will continue.

Saving Social Security and Saving Lives. There is a concern among the developed nations over the rising costs of healthcare and the burden of taxes. Government finances are strained by the responsibility of caring for a growing elderly population. In Britain, government health budgets have suffered from years of under funding causing long waiting lists. Privatized Medicare rendered through the managed care model overseas to senior expatriates offers budgetary relief to cash strapped governments. Governments can save billions of dollars while providing access to care to their citizens abroad.

HIV/AIDS Pandemic. With 34 million suffering from HIV/AIDS worldwide, the U.S. is leading a global effort to combat this pandemic We are committed to utilizing our international network of doctors and hospitals especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Caribbean in this effort and others including the G-8 nations' Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise and the United Nations AIDS project UNAIDS and others.

Commercial and Private Plans. Our network of providers is available to the various health plans around the world that insure those who are below retirement agent. They are typically offered to the employed by local and international concerns. Some plans include those that offer health insurance to the higher income local citizens. Other plans of interest insure both working and retired expatriates from industrialized nations.