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Ambassador Health Alliance

Ambassador Health Alliance is an organization dedicated to the improvement of managed health care services around the world. We are once again hosting the Global Managed Health Care Convention. More information found below.

Our aim is to build a global managed health delivery system of the highest quality in service to American and European patients when they are outside of their domain either travelling or spending an extended period of time abroad: The American in Paris or Guadalajara, the Londoner in Bermuda or Shanghai, the Parisian in Marrakech or New York.

There are 50 million retirees in the United States and another 50 million in Europe. With 150 million Baby Boomers, these numbers are rapidly escalating. Millions live abroad some of the time. Millions are Mexican, Caribbean, Central and South American, African and Asian expatriates who moved to the United States and Europe years ago and are now retired. They continue to travel back to their homeland for extended travel and require care while they are away. We aim to manage their care while they are both at home and abroad.

Memberships in the Ambassador Health Alliance are available to physicians, dentists, nurses and other health care practitioners, medical students, hospitals, home health agencies, long term care providers, assisted living communities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, health insurance companies and agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical and dental equipment and supply companies.

Individuals and families and multinational companies and organizations with globally mobile employees are also invited to join the Ambassador Health Alliance.

Members Benefits include opportunities to participate in health conferences, news and information, and networking. Please complete the form below for more information.


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