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Electronic Health Records - Managing Quality Care

Ambassador Medical Technologies is organized to meet the needs for advanced information technology in the health care field. Our focus is on the provision of electronic health records and the management and evaluation of quality care.

We noticed that nearly every sector of the global economy has undertaken a sweeping transformation in the way information is collected, managed, and transmitted. Productivity and efficiency have improved. Health care, one of the most significant sectors of all economies, nearly $3 trillion in the United States alone (18% of the American economy soon to be 20%), has lagged behind in many ways.

We believe that the use of secure, standards-based, electronic health records can improve patient care and increase administrative efficiency. We are developing a worldwide health information network architecture that maximizes the use of existing resources such as the Internet to achieve widespread interoperability among software applications, particularly electronic health records.

As part of our overall quality improvement efforts, we are offering a program where health care providers capture data about the quality of care provided to beneficiaries, gain experience with collecting and reporting clinical quality data via claims and/or electronic submission of data extracted from electronic health records, and receive feedback reports they can use to understand and improve their performance on a variety of measures of quality. Patient feedback will also be obtained, analyzed and reviewed.

Benefits to the health-care consumer:
  • Higher quality care
  • Reduction in medical errors
  • Fewer duplicate treatments and tests
  • Decrease in paperwork
  • Lower health-care costs
  • Constant access to health information
  • Expansion of access to affordable care
Benefits to public health:
  • Early detection of infectious disease outbreaks around the world
  • Improved tracking of chronic disease management
  • Ability to gather de-identified data for research purposes
  • Evaluation of health care based on value, enabled by the collection of price and quality information that can be compared
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